Short Concert

Typically tailored to the school assembly or presentation format, our short concert is a 45-50 minute (straight running) program staged in an auditorium or a classroom setting. Towards the program may include a 5-10 minute portion for Q&A or general audience-mingling/ student-explore component.

Full Feature Program

For public venues or concert series, we perform a full feature act 60-90 minute (with or without intervals) - either a pure musical concert or a musical-theater production with instrumental renditions, interspersed with or culminating in acrobatic and opera stunts, lion dance or comic-martial acts.

Cost & Logistics

  • Our fees are calculated as per number of artists in a proposed program per venue.
  • The length of the program within a day (whether short or full) makes little difference to the overall fee as the same artists generally cannot take on more than one venue per day.
  • Per artist fee is scaled down as more artists are involved in a single act. Thus, a solo acrobatic act will be more than 1/6 of a six-piece musical ensemble; two concert programs of 3-4 players at two separate venues will cost more than a full musical-theater program involving 8 players in one venue.
  • Out-of-town venues (outside of New York City and immediate vicinity of Long Island & New Jersey should factor in extra expenses in travel and accommodation, ranging an additional 10-20% of performance fee.

To receive quotes and proposals, please fill out and submit the Booking form here.

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NYC Chinese Music Youth Award
DEADLINE: October 14, 2015
Download application here

Cultural Heritage Workshop
members of the Mencius Youth Orchestra perform on stage

Youth Orchestra performance

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In-House News

Sept 19, 2015

Mencius Youth Chinesse Orchestra (MYCO), our senior youth orchestra, performed at Staten Island's Snug Harbor for the mid-autumn fesitval on September 19, 2015. Stay tuned for more updates!


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