We provide entertainment programs for all events, to mark a calendar festival (e.g. Chinese New Year), to support a particular keynote or theme at a corporate affair (e.g. a new branch in Ningbo, China, celebrating Asian Heritage Day at a New York agency), or to enhance the ambience or festivity of a private or community occasion.

Here are some ideas for the occasion

  • Strike an auspicious note with the traditional groundbreaking ritual of the lion dance
  • Set an ambience of the Chinese “tea house” with an instrumental duo, trio or quartet
  • Have a Chinese calligrapher write up the heart’s best wishes for your guests on Chinese mini-scrolls or a suitable souvenir item to give away
  • Tease the party with a riotous performance of Monkey King who may pass out candy, etc. to the guests
  • Station fortune tellers to deliver the year’s predictions: generally a great attraction.

Cost & Logistics

  • Rates are scaled down according to the number of acts booked per venue/event.
  • down according to the number of acts booked per venue/event. Single artist acts will be rated higher per artist than group acts.
  • Performers should receive “greenroom“ respite and half-time break (with refreshments) for any events require 3 hours or longer on location.
  • Out of town hosts should factor in travel expense (& if applicable) accommodation.

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NYC Chinese Music Youth Award
DEADLINE: October 14, 2015
Download application here

Cultural Heritage Workshop
members of the Mencius Youth Orchestra perform on stage

Youth Orchestra performance

For more information on courses, browse our bulletin here.



In-House News

Sept 19, 2015

Mencius Youth Chinesse Orchestra (MYCO), our senior youth orchestra, performed at Staten Island's Snug Harbor for the mid-autumn fesitval on September 19, 2015. Stay tuned for more updates!


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