EastRiver Ensemble

EastRiver Theater is drama in all shades and forms - from the basics of Beijing opera (“jingju”) and the classical Cantonese “yueju” to the folk stage craft of acrobatics, dance and fighting forms and ‘cabaret-styled’ magical acts. Catering to all ages and nationalities the EastRiver act usually offers a dramatic narrative (in English and Chinese) interwoven into the stylized action and music, allowing the audience to match small movements with the unfolding meaning of the story. In keeping with the tradition of boundless space and time - EastRiver may put New York City and a Xinjiang mountain in one story, recast an old aria with a familiar Broadway tune, set a Taichi Master to stir up a northern lion dance or let loose a splash of Chinese acrobatics in moment of comic relief.

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NYC Chinese Music Youth Award
DEADLINE: October 14, 2015
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Cultural Heritage Workshop
members of the Mencius Youth Orchestra perform on stage

Youth Orchestra performance

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In-House News

Sept 19, 2015

Mencius Youth Chinesse Orchestra (MYCO), our senior youth orchestra, performed at Staten Island's Snug Harbor for the mid-autumn fesitval on September 19, 2015. Stay tuned for more updates!


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