Private Cantonese Lessons

Our Private One-on-One program is tailored to address the particular level, needs and time frame of the individual student. A course of study is customized to best meet your approach & motivation. We will work with your busy schedule and zoom in on specific goals that you may have set within a time frame. Our instructor will meet you at your level – be it vague “Canto” or no background at all. Children may also set up for private tutoring in Cantonese customized around their age and personal background. In designing your program, we will attend to a range of issues including technical matters of textbooks and other real-life materials, verbal skills with or without character reading; personal content issues such as conversational Chinese for parenting, business Cantonese for a specific industry or a geographical focus on Guangzhou, Hong Kong or Kuala Lumpur for your travel. While you set your own frequency to the course, the program will provide you with the structure of formal classroom attendance such as to help you maintain an effective momentum in your learning.

Upon registration, we’ll call/write you to work out a schedule to start class normally within a turnaround of 5 to 7 days.

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  • Program open to all ages
  • Flexible 7-day schedule
  • Start Anytime

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Trial lessons (max 2x)/90 min, Standard term commitment, 12 x 90 min, Half-year term commitment, 20 x 90 min, Long term commitment, 33 x 90 min