Group Class for Chinese Calligraphy/Brush Painting


Start: year round
Saturday 3:00-4:30 pm
Time: 10 weeks. (Schedule adjustable per consensus)

Chinese brush writing/painting
In maobizi, or Chinese brush writing, students will master control of the brush and ink and develop appreciation of the strokes and radicals that go into forming Chinese characters. This course will also touch on the fundamentals of Chinese calligraphy as an art form emphasizing placid control and honing of mind over body.

Chinese Brush Painting
This course facilitates the age-old practice of Chinese art, showing how manipulation of brush and ink integrates the flow of traditional calligraphy with depiction of bamboo, rocks, fruits, animals and flowers. Students will explore techniques using Chinese ink and water-colors on rice paper. No prior knowledge of Chinese is required.

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2 students, 12 x 90 min, 3 students, 12 x 90 min, 4 students, 12 x 90 min